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Our Mission is to be a positive force and voice in dance education.Pat Fields Kilgore

Dance Education Songs And MORE

  1. Fun To Learn!
  2. Fun To Teach!
  3. Fun To Perform!

The songs and music help to guide the children through the choreography. Side and front coaching is not needed, allowing the students to perform TO their audience. Parents and audience alike are usually amazed to see what little ones can accomplish. The children gain confidence in their ability to learn and enjoy a self esteem boost in the process. Because this is a positive experience for both child and parent, they are more likely to return to dance each year.

Positive, uplifting lyrics compliment upbeat music. As they have fun singing the songs, they will be LEARNING. All skills and behaviors are learned through repetition. Singing a song is EASY repetition. More like play, less like work.

Each Dance Education Song Download Includes:

  1. 1 Vocal mp3 file
  2. 1 Instrumental mp3 file
  3. 1 pdf file with Instructor’s Notes, Choreography, Lyrics, occasionally some related Dance History and Teaching Tips.

DES Barres-Technique-Warmups: Are:

  1. 2-41 mp3 files with a file for each exercise.
  2. 1 pdf file of Instructor’s Notes with Choreography, Lyrics, and Teaching Tips.

Instrumentals For Dance : These instrumentals are arranged for dancers, choreographers and dance students. Many are covers of vintage popular songs and many are originals compositions. The recordings are designed to be easy to follow and to showcase or enhance and not overpower the dancers performance. Dance Teachers can create choreography that reflects the skill levels of each class.

Videos:Animated Videos:

  1. Modern/Contemporary Floorwork
  2. Modern/Contemporary Centrework
  3. A Modern/Contemporary Class;
  4. We Are The Children Of The Ballet I
  5. We Are The Children Of The Ballet II

Cartloom For Dance Studios

Cartloom has kept Pat Fields Productions running perfectly for many years. It is so easy to use and keeps everything organized. All of our digital song files, notes, books, and videos are securely stored and served by Cartloom. From our experience, we can say Cartloom’s Customer Service is as excellent and professional as Cartloom itself. With just a small monthly fee you can:

  1. Accept Monthly Or Yearly Online Payments
  2. Easily Provide An Online Extension For Students
  3. Parents Can Order And Pay For Dancewear And Costumes Online
  4. Create Your Own Secure, Beautiful Website At No Extra Cost
  5. Easily Create An Unlimited Number Of Digital And Physical Products (Classes-Costumes-Dancewear)

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