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  • What are the Instrumentals For Dance

    These instrumentals are some of my arrangements for dancers, choreographers and dance students. Many are covers of vintage popular songs and many are my originals compositions. The recordings are designed to be easy to follow and to showcase or enhance and not overpower the dancers' performance. Dance Teachers can create choreography that reflects the skill levels of each class.

  • How and when do I receive my downloads?

    You receive an invoice with download links to each of your dance education products immediately after your payment clears through PayPal.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept PayPal and credit cards through PayPal.

  • What IS Your System Of Dance Education?

    I developed a system of preschool dance education based on the incredible learning potential of my youngest students. This system includes simple songs designed to instruct, uplift, and encourage young dance students. The songs cover a wide range of simple, but correct technique, warm-ups, and performance (recital) songs. My songs are filled with positive values and good, solid dance instruction designed specifically to compliment the mental and physical capabilities of different age groups. Each Dance Education Song includes Instructor's notes with choreography. Depending on the song I also try to include teaching methods that have worked well in my classes along with a little applicable dance history to share with your students. Singing a song is EASY repetition. More like play, Less like work. Social skills based on mutual respect are invaluable throughout life. When the children learn & master their dance education songs and choreography, they can usually perform their dances without the need for a demonstrator on the side or in front of the stage. They can perform TO their audience and let their personalities shine through. They are confident because they KNOW their routines. I recommend setting a positive, productive, and fun atmosphere in class. The Optimum class structure has the teacher in charge of the students. Children will follow your rules of conduct and classroom etiquette when clear boundaries are made clear and fairly enforced. Parents will appreciate the order and progress in your class and support your rules. Students of all ages, especially children, have better success at learning and assimilating new skills when taught with kindness in a positive environment.

  • What Are Dance Education Songs?

    Songs that help guide young children to learn and remember dance technique, terms, and choreography that are filled with positive, child healthy lyrics, uplifting music and are fun to learn, teach, and perform.

    Positive, uplifting lyrics compliment upbeat music. As they have fun singing the songs, they will be LEARNING. All skills and behaviors are learned through repetition. Singing a song is EASY repetition. More like play, less like work.

    Each Dance Education Song Download Includes:

    1. 1 Vocal mp3 file
    2. 1 Instrumental mp3 file
    3. 1 pdf file with Instructor’s Notes, Choreography, Lyrics, occasionally some related Dance History and Teaching Tips.

    DES Barres-Technique-Warmups: Are:

    1. 2-41 mp3 files with a file for each exercise.
    2. 1 pdf file of Instructor’s Notes with Choreography, Lyrics, and Teaching Tips.